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The Girls Under Armour Association provides an elite league-style travel team circuit, comparable to the Boys UAA. The 2021 GUAA league featured 40 teams at each age group: 17U, 16U, and 15U. Three total league sessions culminated at the GUAA Finals in July.

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For many youth basketball athletes, playing at the collegiate level is a dream; a dream that requires daily grind and determination to overcome constant challenges and tests. The pursuit of getting better is different for everyone, but there’s still only one possible mindset—The Only Way Is Through. It’s an understanding that to reach the goal of playing at the next level, athletes must stay the path to come out on the other side faster, stronger, and better. Under Armour’s grassroots basketball circuits offer boys and girls the opportunity to not only improve, but also showcase skills and talents en route to their dreams of playing in college.

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